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I don’t find it appropriate to share too much here for now. Because I wholeheartedly believe that it is not right for people to be recognized by labels such as where they were born, language, religion, gender, profession and education level. In fact, it is obvious that it is not possible to recognize a person with all these labels. For this reason, I prefer to be known for my articles, thoughts, and ideas on this blog. If what I wrote appeals to you, it means we have a lot in common with you. The more people I write here, and the more beautiful things they have in their lives, the happier I will be. I hope that one day we will meet great friends, friends through this blog. If you read the articles and articles I shared here until that day and realize the beauties that occur when you apply them to your life, you can easily reach me through your comments or from the contact me menu if you want. If something in your life has become even a little better with what I have written and I will be happy if you convey it to me.

With Love, Respect and Prayers …

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